Chris Young

Full life cycle coaching, consultancy and code for technology and management teams.

A hands on technology lead, I have been working in tech since the mid nineties. I have led in house teams, co-ordinated cross organisation teams and managed outsourced work.

My background includes working at BBC and ITV and on projects for Echostar in the USA and Deutsche Telekom in Germany. I was CTO at Homeycomb TV and since then have been working with start ups, advising on strategy, coaching their developers and helping them build out testing, development, operations and infrastructure.

A practitioner of Specification by Example, I use this to help create a shared understanding of requirements. I use Lean and Agile methods to enable effective software delivery.

As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) I work on cloud infrastructure and operations. Across the complete software development lifecycle I use metrics and visualisations to help teams work together and align their outcomes with the needs of the business.

Working with engineering and management teams my aim is to get the best results possible for all involved.

I have spoken at conferences in the UK and Europe including Agile Cambridge, QCon and GOTO Berlin. Together with Mattia Battiston I am the co-author of the book Team Guide to Metrics for Business Decisions.

Chris Young

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